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Reinventing Ourselves – Career Journeys in Canada

This podcast series showcases real-life stories of people who have successfully reinvented themselves through their careers. People who have found new purpose, overcome adversity, followed their passion, and explored new horizons. Read more about this series on Wave Magazine Canada.

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E1: From Research Biologist to online English Teacher | Career Journeys in Canada

Vânia Halldorson, Kamloops, BC, worked for many years as a Research Biologist in remote areas of Brazil. But her Master’s and Doctoral degrees did not guarantee her a career that would fit her lifestyle in Canada. Always on the move, within Canada and the US, she decided to invest in a career that would allow her to work remotely.  Seeking government support paid off.

E2: From pursuing a Ph.D. to advocating childhood development through sport | Career Journeys in Canada

Having always aspired to be a professor, Douglas set his sights on pursuing a Ph.D. upon arrival in Canada. While waiting for his official citizenship, he joined the Brazilian Soccer Academy, an organization dedicated to children’s sports and life skills development. He found his calling as a coach and mentor. With the goal of increasing his impact, he completed a Sports Management diploma and today shares his passion with Right to Play, one of the most high-profile non-profits in the world.

E3: Strategic volunteering can build a network and positively impact your career | Career Journeys in Canada

Stepping back to move forward. Managing entertainment events during the Rio Olympics piqued Mara’s appetite for international exposure. An adventurer at heart, she gladly joined her husband as his career took them to Montréal, Québec. She fell in love with the city and its rich history and positioned herself to go back to school and learn French. With a background in the Cultural Event Management business Mara realizes that volunteering and networking are keys to a new start.

E4: Converting a passion for dogs into a viable career. | Career Journeys in Canada

It’s dog life, but he is in charge of his! The Brazilian Dog Guru shows us that it is possible to follow your dreams and convert a life-long passion into a viable career. Fernando enjoyed travelling the world working with Club Med and built solid business skills within the hospitality and automotive fields. But nothing beats the satisfaction of working with what you love. Settling in British Columbia, he focused on local networking, honing his English, and becoming certified as a dog trainer.

E5: Investing in a new future. It’s all about logistics, of course | Career Journeys in Canada

Arnon’s company, Mellohawk Logistics Inc., is the realization of an immigrant who never stopped believing he could turn his dream into reality. Although his initial studies in Brazil included Translation and Interpretation, it was an International Business program at Toronto’s Seneca College that helped him discover his calling. That led to a 10-year engagement with a German Multinational prior to launching his own successful enterprise.

E6: A Career Transition Expert On Your Side | Career Journeys in Canada

When faced with the need for career reinvention, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Acquiring mentors to better understand your own talents, potentials, gaps, and ambitions is a good way. Many professionals do this!

E7: Choosing solopreneurship as a way to achieve work/life balance | Career Journeys in Canada

Entrepreneurship: she did it her way! After a decade of success within the finance industry, and immigrating to Canada, Carolina set her sights on a custom-made career solution. As a devoted mother of two children, Work/Life balance was a must. Listen to her interview to discover how she combined business smarts, creativity, and supportive partnerships to establish a thriving Import/Export Consultancy.

E8: Taking a leap of faith in yourself pays off | Career Journeys in Canada

While working on event production for the Rio 2016 Olympics, Esequiel cultivated a large international network of contacts. This helped him land an incredible job with Cirque de Soleil, the entertainment phenomenon in Québec, Canada. Brave and persevering in his decision to settle with his wife in a new country, he recommends: “Don’t be afraid. Take a leap of faith, do some planning.

E9: Entrepreneurship: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Plan Again | Career Journeys in Canada

A decade of rapid progress within the financial profession gave Fernanda solid business skills. Although super-demanding, it allowed her to travel the world, ultimately choosing Canada as the preferred destination for her family. While she fell short in planning, she was still able to pursue a Master’s degree and build a supportive local network. From there, her Relocation business blossomed out of a life-long passion, a desire for work-life balance, and newfound talents.

E10: Making use of transferable skills for building a new career path | Career Journeys in Canada

As an Evangelical Pastor with the Baptist Church in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, Gerson was committed to helping his parishioners. Upon relocating to Canada, he knew he would need to master English to serve in the same role. With time and hard work, he again found his calling as a Surveillance Coordinator, administering hope within the Social Justice arena in St. Thomas, Ontario.

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Canadian English. Quirky, eh?
Wave Podcast: Reinventing Ourselves – Career Journeys

THIS PODCAST takes listeners on a romp across Canada exploring the many facets of our culture that make us unique and the intricacies of our language that can make them crazy! Canadian English: Quirky, eh? We take a tongue-in-cheek look at making small talk, recognizing signature foods, and navigating head-scratching grammar rules and colloquial expressions. We zero in on Canadian personalities, home-grown music, cultural traditions and generally try to help separate the facts from the fiction.

We all know that English is a challenging language to master. Our goal with this podcast series is to share some of the words, expressions and idiosyncrasies we have encountered while learning or teaching ESL. “Idiosyncrasy” is a big word that also means habits or quirks.